Welcome to our meditation website MeditationintheiGeneration.com!

Welcome to our meditation website MeditationintheiGeneration.com!

Well before I started writing Meditation in the iGeneration, I thought about an interactive meditation website designed to support meditators. So many people are starting to meditate, and many of them live in areas where meditation instructors are not available. While you can learn a great deal from books, just like with any other discipline, it obviously helps to have more personal instruction, and other resources. The vision behind www.meditationintheigeneration.com is to give a meditator all the support they need and to be the best meditation website available.

This site is a work in progress, and will evolve as people start to participate in it, but my aspiration is to provide links to other books on meditation (with possible reviews of these books); the latest articles and research (with comments on those); where to go for online courses; articles on meditation retreats; where to go to do retreats; forums to ask questions and offer your own insights; and blogs by me, and other contributors.

I also envision having links to personal instructors, via Skype or phone calls. And I plan to post excerpts from my forthcoming book, Fire and Ice; On the Benefits of Meditation. So you’ll be the first to read those. Finally, I wanted to offer a site that continues to discuss the challenges and traps, the gross and subtle ways people get lost, stuck, or just give up.

Come back often and see how this site evolves. Send me your thoughts and suggestions – what would you like to see on this site, what would help you. If it feels right, give me your email and I’ll keep you posted about new developments. Meditation is a solitary practice, and having other people to talk to, and resources to draw on, can really help. You’re not alone. There are many others asking the same questions, looking for the same support. With your active participation, we aspire to give you that support.

Photo: “Leonie learns meditation” by Sebastien Wiertz – Flickr